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  1. Delivery was on time

  2. I got my package today thank you

  3. My package took 4 days to come to my address

  4. thank you, the quality is what i expected

  5. Happy to know you

  6. I am placing another order sometimes next week

  7. Where have you been? i have been scammed 3 times before trying you. Thank God i found you

  8. At first i was afraid due to online fraud then i decided to give it a try and my package came right through. what a surprise that was

  9. My order was delayed at the customs and finally got released and delivered to my address
    thank you

  10. My package came after 2 days

  11. i received my order yesterday and decided to text it before giving a comment. The quality is great, i will recommend more people to buy from you guys

  12. Thank you so much for my order

  13. My package was held at the customs and they asked me for custom fee which i paid before my package got delivered to my address

  14. My package came to my door without any issue with customs

  15. Glad to know they are still legit supplier

  16. I am more than happy to get my package, all my orders will be coming now from skilledmed

  17. I thank skilledmeds for my order

  18. We are glad to find a legit supplier of fentanyl