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  1. Delivery was on time

  2. I got my package today thank you

  3. My package came after 2 days

  4. i received my order yesterday and decided to text it before giving a comment. The quality is great, i will recommend more people to buy from you guys

  5. Thank you so much for my order

  6. My package came to my door without any issue with customs

  7. I thank skilledmeds for my order

  8. We are glad to find a legit supplier of fentanyl

  9. I am happy with my order, i will be making more orders

  10. Everything else was fairly the same as other websites. They did make the shipping and transfer simple. high quality medications

  11. Happy customer. No problems with shipping or packaging, easy to use website and got a great product for a good price.

  12. Der Shop ist zuverlässig. Es war gut verpackt.

  13. Thanks for my order

  14. The quality is what i was expecting
    greet job

  15. also got mind delivered
    thank you

  16. Delivery was on time

  17. I got my package today thank you

  18. My package came after 2 days